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106LED Multimode Waterproof Solar Light

106LED Multimode Waterproof Solar Light

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• 106 LED lights :The product has 106 LED lights, providing bright and efficient lighting for your outdoor space.
• Motion sensor :The motion sensor feature ensures that the lights turn on automatically when someone enters the detection range, making it convenient and energy-efficient.
• Waterproof :The product is waterproof, making it suitable for use in all weather conditions.
• Three modes :The product has three different modes to choose from, allowing you to customize the lighting according to your needs.

Product Size:
140*80mm(solar panel)
Solar panel:5.5V 1.5w
Wire Length: 5M
Light source: 2835*106LED
Battery: 18650/1800MA
Material: ABS + PC
Color temperature:6500K
Waterproof rating:IP65.
Charging time: 4-6 hours
Luminous time:10-12 hours
Light range: about 25 square meters
【Separated Solar Panel】Compared with traditional solar lights, we separate the solar panel from the main light body, comes with 5m/ 16.5ft waterproof cable to install the solar panel in a sunny place, which can store more power during the day and create longer and brighter light at night.
【High quality lighting】106 LED solar lights with 120° detection and lighting angle, covering more lighting area, providing super bright lighting for wide area. It creates a bright and safe environment for passersby, even at night.
【 Motion sensor and light sensor】 Combination of light sensor and motion sensor. The new motion sensor can detect people within a range of 3–5 meters. When the motion is detected, the solar light will automatically turn on; no motion is detected, it will automatically turn off. Simply connect the cable between the solar panel and the light, no additional setup is required.
【IP65 Rating】This solar light is made of high quality ABS, heat-resistant. This solar light is professionally IP65 rated, waterproof and dustproof, while remaining very bright even when exposed to the outdoors for long periods of time.
[Easy Installation] You can easily mount the solar light on the wall with the included screws, no wiring required. The ideal mounting height is 1.8 to 2.5 meters.
Three mode function description
Button switch control three modes of work, each press to switch the following functions in turn
1. Dark automatic light, 50% brightness, not by induction, dawn automatically extinguish the light.
2. Dark automatic light, 20% brightness, people pass 5-8 meters automatically induction light 100%, people walk about 20 seconds automatically light 20% brightness.
3. The day is dark people pass 5–8 meters automatically light, people walk about 20 seconds automatically off.
Be sure to read in detail for the first use:
1) Do a good job of cleaning the surface of the light: the protective film on the surface of the solar light needs to be removed for the first use, stains and shading will affect the efficiency of the solar panel;
2) in the sun for more than 5 hours: long-distance transportation in dark environment may lead to power depletion, so after receiving the goods, let the solar panel be irradiated in the sun for more than 5 hours before use.
(3) installed in the sunlight and no light source at night: to ensure the charging efficiency, solar energy installation needs to be selected towards the south direction tilt 30 degrees, solar energy to light-sensitive switches are generally automatically turned on at night, can not be installed in the solar energy lights around the place where there is a light source, because these sources of light will lead to the solar energy lights appear to automatically shut down the phenomenon, affecting the normal use of the solar energy lights.
4) Please do a good job of protecting the battery panel: avoid hard or sharp objects to hit the solar light battery panel, resulting in solar panel damage affecting the use.
5) Daily maintenance: every 2-3 months should clean the surface of the solar panel, so as to ensure that the charging efficiency of the solar light can reach the best.
Fashion 1
Dim Light Mode
Fashion 2
Dim light + motion sensor mode
Fashion 3
Motion Sensor Mode
Fashion 4
SOS Mode

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